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In early Spring continental Eurasia bursts into flower. For the British botanist brought up on an early Spring diet of tiny white Cerastium or Erophila species, such natural history excursions are a joy. Early Spring (March, April even February if the weather holds) is best for places like southern Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Crete and Malta and later around May, June or July for the more northern countries of mainland Europe or mountain flowers. The flora of Europe and the near East is much richer than that of the British Isles having survived the last ice-age.

Europe has a very loose definition here and includes the Canaries, Madeira all the countries around the Mediterranean basin including all of Turkey and eastern islands such as Rhodes and Cyprus. Also the Russian Caucasus is now in my European section. This is totally arbitrary but just a way of dividing up a large collection of pages and photographs so that access is simpler.

Pulsatilla albana

Pulsatilla albana

Inside the Nemrut Daği crater, Mount Nemrut, eastern Turkey, 28th May 2019

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Pulsatilla albana   Nemrut Daği crater, Turkey

28th May 2019

The extensive indexing of the site is still available via the home page but the European A to Z thumbnail index may be the most useful. If you know the Latin name the European text A -Z index will download to your computing device much quicker. To seek European plants only, use the arrows on the left hand and right hand side at the top of each plant page:

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Currently 990 photos of plants found in Europe have been published some of which also grow in the British Isles and there are another 769 in my image library waiting to be added.

Use of photographs

Rindera albida

Rindera albida

Mountains, Eastern Turkey 3rd June 2019

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Rindera albidaMountains, Eastern Turkey 3rd June 2019

3rd June 2019

The photos are all processed and compressed to 72 dots per inch for quick loading. They are really only suitable for web use or if you intend to reduce the size before printing. If you ask for permission to use a photograph the answer will invariably be yes. There are no charges but please ask first. In exchange for the use of photographs a link to ukwildflowers.com, a reference or some form of recognition would be appreciated.

Please do not try to create permanent links to photos. It might work for you but it eats my bandwidth. For people who need good quality prints I can send original photos in ones, twos or threes via email or some such way. Very often your email inbox will reject attachments of above 3 Mb so it's a good idea to check the inbox limits and whether your firewall will permit such emails before asking. Please do not ask for more than three or four high resolution images. I do not keep high resolution copies of the images I have processed, they have to be created all over again from the original photograph.

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