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South west Australia is famous for its huge numbers of wild flower species including large numbers of endemics. If the rainfall is right in late Winter and Spring, which lasts roughly from August to November, the bush and desert can be carpeted in acres of blooms so spectacular that wild flower tourism has become a regular feature of the area. In this section there are the photos from several visits mostly to Western Australia in 2007, 2012, 2013 and 2015. In 2015 some plants from Eastern Australia were photographed near Sydney in Eastern Australia.

Western Australia, particularly south western Australia is a world famous botanical hot spot. Thereare about 12,000 known species but plants new to science are added to the Western Australian Herbarium's collection an database every year.

Euphorbia flavicoma

Anigozanthus flavidusTall Kangaro Paw

Verge of Brockman Highway 9th October 2015

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Anigozanthus flavidus  Tall Kangaroo Paw

Verge of Brockman Highway

9th October 2015

Currently 479 photos of plants found in Australia have been published. There are also a few photos of plants which also grow in the British Isles but these are often nuisance aliens in Australia. Many more alien species found in Australia come from South Africa or the Mediterranean countries.

The extensive indexing of the whole site is still available via the home page, but the Australian A to Z thumbnail index may be the most useful while.

Euphorbia flavicoma

Pyrorchis nigricans Red Beaks

Mount Chudalup, 27th September 2015

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Pyrorchis nigricans  Red Beaks

Mount Chudalup

27th September 2015

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