Trifolium thalii   Thal's Clover

Trifolium thalii whole Trifolium thalii close

Named after the Thuringian botanist Johann Thal, this is a mountain clover found in the Swiss Alps, Pyrenees, Picos de Europea, Apennines and a few places in north Africa. The flowers can be pure white, pink or quite reddish and the leaves are usually dull green with distinct veining. It can be found quite high in the mountains at heights of up to 10,200 feet.


Trifolium thalii

Trifolium thalii Thal's Clover

Piz Nair, Swiss Alps, 10th July 2010

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Trifolium thalii Thal's Clover

LHS: Near Morteratsch Glacier, Swiss Alps 7th July, RHS: Piz Nair, Swiss Alps, 10th July 2010

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