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As the name suggests this plant was used in salads at one time as well as being used as a styptic in dressing wounds. It is often found on rocky habitats and most often on limestone or alkaline soils but really has no pH preference. It does however like the full sun. The leaves together with the spherical flowers (old name: Red Knob) make it easy to identify. The florets at the top of the spherical flower head are female while those at the bottom with the dangling anthers, are male.

Poterium sanguisorba ssp sanguisorba is very common in England, reasonably common in Wales but records diminish quite quickly as you north - it almost stops at the English-Scottish border with just a few records from south eastern Scotland. In Ireland it is uncommon but dotted here and there.

In Edition 3 (2010) of New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace which is the text to which this site refers for guidance on taxonomy the name of thsi plants has changed to Poterium sanguisorba ssp sanguisorba.

Sanguisorba minor ssp minor

Sanguisorba minor ssp minor Salad Burnet

Coed Cilygroeslwyd, near Ruthin, North Wales 7th June 2011

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Sanguisorba minor ssp minor Salad Burnet

LHS: Great Orme. North Wales 27th May 2006 RHS: The Gully, Clifton Down, near Bristol 8th April 2011

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