Orchis morio   Green-winged Orchid C DD N

Orchis morio  Cors Goch Orchis morio Great Orme

The green "wings" of Orchis morio aren't always obvious but in a few of the plants you can usually see at least hint of green even when the rich purple dominates the flower. You have to look carefully on a site where Orchis morio grows along side the variable Orchis mascula (Early-purple Orchid) which can be similarly coloured although normally a lot taller.

The right hand photo was taken in an area where the plants are too often mowed by enthusiastic green-keepers but this year the orchids flowered early before the scheduled mowing. Most plants had only faint green wings but this one was true to its English name.

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(LHS) Cors Goch, Anglesey, 11th May 2005; (RHS) Great Orme 26th April 2007

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