Cytisus purgans   Pyrenean Broom Endemic

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This fairly low growing shrub is endemic to the Pyrenees and here in Andorra it dominates the landscape such that the hills tens of miles away seem to be tinted with smears of faint yellow. Like many brooms the leaves are quite small and you have to look hard to find them in such flower covered plants.

The names for this plant are many and various: Genista balansae is given on notice boards in Andorra plus Cytisus balansae ssp europaeus, Genista purgans and Sarothamnus purgans Not to mention English names like Warminster Broom, Provence Broom as well as Pyrenean Broom. It is attractive enough to be sold in nurseries for parks and gardens.

Cytisus purgans

Cytisus purgans Pyrenean Broom

Field near Soldeu, Andorra 16th June 2012

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Cytisus purgans Pyrenean Broom

LHS: Sorteny Natural Park, Andorra 21st June 2012: RHS: Field near Soldeu, Andorra 16th June 2012

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