Anacamptis sancta   Holy Orchid

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At one time this thought to be a variety Bug Orchid (Orchis coriophora var sancta) before the names were changed. The shape of the petals certainly reminds you of the Bug Orchids. Quite common in this part of Rhodes, this orchid is nevertheless quite scarce overall. In fact Delforge says it is very rare and local. We were actually quite surprised to find it in flower because other Ophrys and Orchis species elsewhere on the island had long since finished. However this site was high up in the mountains where the seasons were quite obviously late. It also seemed very appropriate that we found the Holy Orchid in the grounds of a Monastery.

Taxonomy: For many years known as Orchis sancta L. it has now been determined as Anacamptis sancta (L.) R.M. Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W. Chase which is accepted by many authorities but not Pierre Delforge who still prefers Orchis sancta L.

Anacamptis sancta

Anacamptis sancta Holy Orchid

Grounds of the Monastery of the Prophet Elias, Rhodes 17th May 2010

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Anacamptis sancta

Grounds of the Monastery of the Prophet Elias, Rhodes 17th May 2010, updated 22nd August 2018

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