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...Dr Peter Llewellyn about improvements to the site, mistakes, spelling errors, possible wrong identifications or even if you want me to try to identify a plant. I cannot guarantee to identify any plant whose photo you send but I do have friends who are very good botanists and between us we may be able to help. Send photos of leaves as well as flowers if you can.

I check the email inbox below regularly but if there is no reply then it is very likely I'm away and there is no-one else is available to do this. I'm a one man band.....

...about use of photographs. The photos are all processed with Photoshop and compressed to 72 dots per inch for quick loading. They are really only suitable for web use or if you intend to reduce the size before printing. If you ask for permission to use a photograph the answer will invariably be yes. There are no charges but please ask first. In exchange for the use of photographs a link to, a reference or some form of recognition would be appreciated. Please do not try to create permanent links to photos. It might work for you but it eats my bandwidth. If you create permanent links to the web pages, you may occasionally find they break when I've corrected them and changed the file name but I will usually attempt a re-direct to avoid this.

For people who need good quality prints I can send original photos in ones, twos or threes via email. Very often your email inbox will reject attachments of above 3 Mb so it's a good idea to check the inbox limits and whether your firewall will permit such emails before asking.

Please do not ask for large numbers of high resolution originals to be sent - the administration for this is bigger than you might think. Preparing four photos merely for email attachment takes about half an hour so I limit numbers and do not make disks of my high resolution photos for use by third parties.

Permission to use my photos will be given in the exchange of emails between us. I never sign legal agreements which some publishers enjoy sending but I do conscientiously recycle them along with other unsolicited mail.

Occasionally people have tried to be kind and insist on payment. If it is your company's policy to insist on paying then you may not use the photos.

Please use the email address below in coloured letters (Spammers will ruin any clickable email address):

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