Diary 2021

Winter - January

January continued the cold spell which began around Christmas Day 2020. Unlike the past few years we have had multiple ground frosts at temperatures of -2 or -2 Celsius. Many of the wild flower winter leftovers have now succumbed to the cold with only a few stalwarts like Lapsana communis and Geranium robertianum surviving. Other parts of the country have had snow and frost but we have experienced only a sprinkling of snow. The new pond has been frozen over several times yet visited by a Heron on a couple of occasions.

Signs of Spring are apparent in spite of the cold. Daffodils are sprouting, Hellebores have started to flower and there are Lesser Celandine leaves showing on the verges.

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to break records in both Britain and U.S. but vaccination programmes have begun and as a "Category 3" patient I expect to get a call within a week or two. The government though has still not enforced a total lock down - schools are still open for the children of essential workers. I an rarely leaving the house these days, only occasionally going for a walk, it's just too risky and I don't want to be the "last soldier killed in the war".

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