Galanthus woronowii   Green Snowdrop I

Glanthus woronowii Glanthus woronowii

Now believed to be closer to Galanthus ikariae so re-directed to that page...

This introduction from the Mediterranean is easy to distinguish because the leaves are bright green. In the other commonly introduced species Galanthus plicatus (Pleated Snowdrop), Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) and Galanthus elwesii (Greater Snowdrop) the leaves are glaucous. It will usually flower later than the other Galanthus species but this year (2008) the warm February days brought over 20 species of early Spring plants into flower in this reserve.

Galanthus woronowii is found in the countryside in southern England mostly with one or two outposts near Inverness but it hasn't been recorded form Wales or Ireland.

Galanthus woronowii is usually how specimens of supposed Galanthus ikariae key out according to New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 (2010) by Clive Stace.

Warley Place, Essex 12th February 2008

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