Snowdon Mountain Railway

Snowdon Mountain Railway

The only peak above 3,000 feet which is very easily accessed in the all the British Isles is Snowdon in North Wales. This is because the Snowdon railway will take passengers from the terminus at Llanberis all the way to the summit café (yes, a café at the summit!) and a short climb takes you to the very top of the highest mountain in Wales.

From a botanists point of view this railway can be very convenient if you don't mind paying the train fare. The very rare Snowdon Lily grows not surprisingly on Snowdon and you can take the train part way up and get off at Clogwyn climbing down to see your alpines. We did this on May 28th 2009 to find a superb display of Snowdon Lily (Lloydia serotina) on the cliffs.

Snowdon ascent Llanberis route

Added on 6th April 2006, updated June 5th 2009

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