Flowers of Italy's Gargano Peninsula April 2009


For the first time when visiting the Mediterranean my wife and I chose to use a company specialising in conducted tours of regions all over the world. This is an illustrated account, really for my own benefit, of the details of the holiday showing every plant which I photographed for this web site. This means that some such as Anthyllis vulneraria (Kidney vetch) weren't photographed because I've seen them many times before so it's a personal collection of the 100 plus new plants which will eventually appear on the web site in the usual format properly indexed.

I've also used the excellent Highslide script to allow users to see enlarged photographs just with one click but scripts must be enabled in the browser you use for this to work properly.

The Gargano is such a popular destination for nature tour companies that you can't really deduce which company we used - most of them seem to go there. My comments are entirely personal and sometimes critical of the accommodation and other things but overall the holiday was very enjoyable with excellent company, leadership and wonderful flowers. To protect the reputations of all those involved, names have been changed.

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