Harmers Wood is a small 8.8 acre wood on the back of Helsby Hill. This wood is there today for walkers, climbers and runners or just for picnics, (disabled friendly) due to the efforts of a group of individuals who fought hard to save it from becoming a paint balling wood or a pistol shooting club in the large quarry. It was purchased for the village of Helsby and surrounding areas. The footpaths which are now well worn run round the outside of the wood with beautiful views to Frodsham or across to Snidley Moor and a few other paths which go up the middle and round the top of the large quarry now called “The school Quarry” due to school visits. There are 4 sandstone quarries altogether which have been securely fenced. The sandstone which was  quarried back in the 19th century’s was used to build St Paul’s Church in Helsby and other local buildings. (See history)

Through the efforts of  The Friends of Harmers Wood Trust, trustees in securing grants to cover the £32,000 purchase price, the wood was a finally purchased in 2007 and although some of the directors, (as approved on Companies House website) trustees and volunteers have changed over the years, the group are still active in preserving this woodland for future generations.

The trees of the woodland area are mainly Birch, Oak and Mountain Ash with an understory of bracken, broad buckler fern and bilberry. The soil here is thin and acidic on top of red sandstone which was once extracted from the quarries and used for buildings in Helsby.

The wood is home to various birds and small mammals but can be used as an interesting and traffic free route to the top of Helsby Hill away from Hill Road North. The small car parking space on Hill Road north requires considerate parking as it is not just for people using Harmers Wood but also the only place to park for a short walk to the top of Helsby Hill. You can walk to the summit of the hill by taking either of the paths through the wood which lead out further up the road. You then turn right to approach the farm, then left through the gate and on past the holly trees and Harmers Lake which is on land owned by the farm. Turn right at the end of this wide path to the Helsby Hill summit.

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The view on the left is taken from behind a wooden bench at the back of the wood and overlooks the valley towards Foxhill beyond which is the town of Frodsham.

Back bench view

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