Sedum villosum   Hairy Stonecrop RR DDD N

Sedum villosum

This is a later flowering plant and we were too early in July to see any in flower. Most were in this same stage with pink buds. It grows on the rocks near the Corrie and takes some finding as it is only about 4 cm tall. It isn't very hairy in spite of its name - there are some not very obvious glandular hairs but nothing like the hairiness of say Saxifraga nivalis (Alpine Saxifrage) which grows nearby.

Sedum villosum is found in mid Scotland and northern England but is absent from Wales, most of lowland England, Ireland and the far north of Scotland.

Ben Lawers Corrie, Scotland, 11th July 2005

Added on July 15th 2005, updated 3rd February 2012

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