Macropidia fuliginosa   Black Kangaroo Paw Endemic

Macropidia fuliginosa whole Macropidia fuliginosa close

These are poor photos of a plant which is only in bud but as it is one of the few unusual or uncommon Australian plants which I found myself, I had to include it.

Macropidia fuliginosa is covered in black, sooty looking (hence fuliginosa) hairs which makes photos at this stage very difficult as the camera relies upon reflected light and there just isn't much from this plant. It is widely cultivated but in the wild is only found in a short coastal strip north of Perth up to around Geraldton. M. fuliginosa is the only species in the genus Macropidia.

Badgingarra Reserve, north of Perth, Western Australia 11th September 2007

Added on 12th December 2010

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