Galium mollugo   Hedge Bedstraw C DD N

Galium mollugo whole Galium mollugo close

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This can be a large bedstraw and in favourable conditions such as were prevalent in Guernsey they can provide a dazzling splash of white. The large flowering cone of this plant means that it is one of those which can be spotted from a moving car and more appears to be taking up residence on motorway verges. The species is quite variable and therefore it is very difficult to separate the sub species usually quoted and which according to Stace are doubtfully split anyway.

G. mollugo is common in England, fairly common inn Wales but records decrease as you approach the Scottish border. It is found in eastern and central Scotland but is nowhere near as common as in England. It is dotted sparely about in Ireland.

LHS: Torteval Cliffs, Guernsey 19th June 2004 RHS: Verge near Stanlow Oil Refinery, Cheshire 30th June 2005

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