Artemisia genipi   Spiked Wormwood

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This tiny plant with grey foliage is often a pioneer along with others such as Saxifraga aizoides (Yellow saxifrage), when glaciers retreat. It was no surprise then to find that it flourished at 10,000 feet among the snow clad peaks and glaciated valleys of Piz Nair in the Alps.

Artemisia genipi flowers properly in late July or August and is an aromatic plant from which an liqueur Génépi (or Genepy) is made The leaves are said to have a refreshing effect on the weary mountin hiker but there were so very few plants at this site that the said hiker would have been better advised to purchase the liqueur (which is about 40% alcohol), before setting out.


Artemisia genipi

Artemisia genipi Spiked Wormwood


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Artemisia genipi Spiked Wormwood

Summit of Piz Nair, Engadine, Switzerland

Added on 24th July 2010

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